As always seems to happen, the location was found by chance. We have always wanted to follow the venue-based approach - which Euroblast, one of our favourite festivals, does so well! – but finding a UK venue with two stages, extra usable spaces, ample dressing rooms and the ability to park 20 vans always seemed impossible. Our venue ticks all boxes! We’ve found a fantastic venue and we are going to put it on the international touring map! By chance, we unearthed a hidden gem in our town and will be taking Corner House over for the 2019 RADAR Festival.

main stage


The main stage is a fantastic, unique space (pictured above) with the chance for the whole festival to unite and watch the masters of the scene show us why they are pioneers of their craft. With a sound system that fills the room with that thump that resonates through your entire being, this is where you’ll immerse with the music that we all love and adore as purveyors of progressive music show us how it’s done.

main stage


The second stage is a more intimate affair, allowing us to explore some of the up-and-coming bands of the scene and give a special experience to see the established artists up close. None of the bands clash at the festival so there is always time to move freely within the venue and catch every band that you want to discover or have loved for years. Some of the established local talent will be prominently billed on this stage and represents a chance for us to showcase what we have to offer in the strong scene we’ve supported for years.

main stage


We have some fantastic spaces within the venue crying out to be used for creating a fun, learning space for those who want to be able to connect with some of the experts we have attending and playing at the festival. Capitalising on the community aspect of the festival we are excited to be able to curate the best experience for music fans we can pack into the weekend. Keep an eye on the announcements to see which artists you can absorb tips and get to know more, we think it’s a great way to bring everyone closer together and strengthen the scene that we love so much. Tickets for Masterclass sessions will be sold separately to weekend/day tickets.


Due to RADAR Festival being an indoor festival you will have to prepare your accommodation for the weekend. To help get you started we have provided a map where you can find a hotel that is right for you. Simply click on the Show Hotels button, hover over the hotel marker for the hotel name and click it to open the hotel's booking form, you will find that where possible the form has already been filled out with the dates you will need. We have also provided you with some helpful links to other accommodation booking websites.






We are keen to promote equality of opportunity for people with additional needs and where possible have taken the necessary steps to meet customers’ requirements.

We offer one complimentary personal assistant pass per ticket holder. Personal assistant ticket holders should be able to meet the needs and assist the person they are accompanying in the event of an emergency. After purchasing one ticket, please send your order number found in your confirmation email to [email protected] and we’ll arrange the complimentary personal assistant ticket.


Our venue will be undergoing substantial works before RADAR Festival, so please get in contact about additional access. We will update this section as soon as we have more information.